The following rules shall apply irrevocably without any restrictions and must be always observed by all employees:

  • WE shall treat each other with respect and shall maintain trust-based relationships. We shall undertake to treat our employees, co-workers, business partners and the environment always in compliance with per-tinent laws, good morals, the appropriate level of professionalism and shall act accordingly.
  • WE shall respect diversity in all business or employee-related decision-making processes and shall not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of nationality and/or ethnic origins, gender, religion or world views, any disability or sexual orientation and all other grounds that are subject to the discrimination ban.
  • WE shall provide our staff members with secure employment and safe workplaces. Each of our employees shall always observe all workplace safety and protective provisions in their respective work areas. Compliance with the former shall be audited at regular intervals. We support our employees in their efforts to maintain healthy lifestyles through the provision of a variety of health boosting programs. In the wake of the pandemic Krumpf has implemented a detailed plan to protect its employees on site and has put procedures in place to be able to react to future impacts quickly.
  • WE shall make certain the interests of our employees are not in conflict with the interests of the company.
  • WE shall ensure compliance with the highest standards when it comes to our worldwide business activities. We shall not grant any illegal, unjustified advantages and shall not accept those advantages. We take a stand for this and have committed ourselves against bribery and corruptive business practices.
  • WE shall attain our business success through outstanding performance as well as fair and honest competitive conduct and not through unethical or illegal business practices. This shall also include compliance with all domestic and international export and embargo regulations. Our actions in our business relationships shall be characterized by forthrightness and we expect the same conduct from our business partners.
  • WE shall comply with the applicable laws and provisions concerning the collection, storage, processing, or transmission of personal data.
  • WE shall comply with the laws and obligations that are always relevant for our work, even if this could be affiliated with short-term business administrative disadvantages or difficulties for the company or individuals. If domestic laws contain more restrictive provisions than the regulations in effect at Krumpf Transport, the national laws shall prevail.
  • WE shall accept any information received from a customer that expresses the former’s dissatisfaction or describes a situation as objectively inadequate or deficient. If one of our services should be inadequate, or if it should not meet an agreed upon or anticipated parameter, we shall always strive to resolve the matter. – To ensure this we have implemented a feedback and escalation management procedure where all customer feedback is recorded, regardless of its legal, factual, or technical assignment are thus made usable for the company’s learning process. We are here to assist the customer, his feedback shall always be heard – in line with our belief: the customer comes first.