The documents, files or archive boxes that you entrust to us are, of course, archived by us safely and securely in accordance with legal requirements.

Access for authorized personnel only

We work with long-term, trustworthy personnel. An access control system prevents unauthorized persons from entering. In addition, the archive boxes with your files remain anonymous due to the barcode method. Only our trained staff can locate your files in the archive.

Burglary, fire and water protection

All our archive areas are secured against burglary as well as against fire and water penetration according to modern standards. All precautions taken for this purpose comply with the respective guidelines of the VdS (Association of Property Insurers).

Secure storage of data media

Data carriers are also particularly safe with us. They are stored in special data safes. These safes, manufactured in accordance with the VDMA RAL 626/7 standard, meet the test requirements for burglary protection (national). They can also withstand great heat for a very long time. Also tested is their fire safety at a temperature of 1090° C for a period of 120 minutes.

Destruction after expiry of the retention period

Our electronic archiving also takes into account the legal retention period of your documents. We will draw your attention to the expiry of this period at the appropriate time. If you have given your approval for this, we will securely destroy your data on request in accordance with BDSG DIN 32757. The unrecognizable paper scraps are pressed into bales and fed into the recycling circuit.