As a professional moving company based in Hamburg, we offer our customers a comprehensive service, all around private as well as commercial moves, not only in Hamburg and the surrounding area, but also throughout Germany and internationally. A national move takes place within the borders of Germany, no matter if you move within your city, region or over a long distance. As a partner in your move, we offer you a comprehensive service package that extends far beyond the transport of the removal goods alone. In addition, due to our many years of experience, we are also partners of public institutions in relocations and secondments, in accordance with the relevant framework agreements. In addition to German institutions, these also include the handling of secondments and relocations of embassy staff and the representations of other nations in Germany, i.e. consulates and embassies.

Our services for a national move

When moving nationally, we offer our customers a comprehensive service that goes far beyond simply transporting the goods to be moved.

  1. Personal consultation & visit
  2. individual offer preparation
  3. Furniture dismantling & packing service with professional packing material
  4. Loading & insured transportation to destination
  5. Furniture assembly and unpacking assistance at the destination
  6. Carrying out minor assembly work (e.g. fitted kitchen)
  7. Connection & setup of electrical devices
  8. Temporary storage of furniture and other removal goods
  9. Disposal of furniture no longer needed at the place of departure

Relocation in Hamburg and surroundings

As a Hamburg based moving company we offer of course
Removals in Hamburg
and in the surrounding metropolitan region. Here, our very good local knowledge and close contact with authorities and offices are of particular benefit to us. The services for a move in Hamburg and the surrounding area are the same as for a national move.

Move in Germany

Also nationally we are your partner for private as well as commercial removals. Our service employees are available throughout Germany to help you plan and carry out your move. The same goes for our competent moving teams, who will pack and load your belongings professionally and safely for transport. After arriving at your new home, our teams will unpack your belongings, assemble the furniture and, if you wish, help you connect electrical appliances and adjust kitchen furniture.

Moving national vs. moving international

The basic difference between a national move and an
international move
is that at least one country border is crossed when moving internationally. Due to the free movement of persons in the EU, a distinction can be made between a move within the EU and a move to a non-EU country. Long-distance moves to other continents are also often described once again separately as Overseas removals designated. -KRUMPF – is a specialist with many years of experience, both in domestic removals and in all types of international removals.

Relocation for public institutions

We serve all types of public institutions: from companies to government agencies, to embassies of other countries, which often have a constant need for cooperation with a professional logistics company in the field of moving and furniture transport. Transport KRUMPF GmbH has also been a professional partner for public institutions of all kinds in this field for decades. As a rule, a framework agreement is concluded for this purpose, which forms the basis for cooperation and significantly accelerates and facilitates the necessary processes.

Our knowledge of the framework contracts for national and international removals and our cooperation with consulates and embassies based on these contracts make us a competent partner for national and international assignments and removals. Depending on the framework agreement and individual needs, the service package includes all services, including a personal meeting and an on-site inspection, no matter where in Germany.

Procedure for a move national

The process of a national move at Transport KRUMPF takes place in six phases. In this way, we guarantee you a structured move where every detail is kept in mind.

  • Step 1: Inspection and calculation

    Inspection of the facility by your personal consultant, estimation of the volume of the removal goods and personal discussion regarding individual wishes and needs.

  • Step 2: Quotation preparation

    We prepare an offer individually tailored to your needs.

  • Step 3: Consultation

    An assigned move coordinator from our team will help with advance planning, provide information about upcoming tasks, and make sure everything is thought of.

  • Step 4: Packing
    One of our expert moving teams will pack your belongings with the appropriate technology and optimal packing materials for safe transportation. In addition, upon request, we offer our customers the possibility of unlimited storage & disposal of furniture and other moving items.
  • Step 5: Transport

    Your removal goods will be transported from the place of origin to the destination in the most environmentally friendly way possible, choosing the most suitable means of transport or even a mix of them.

  • Step 6: Delivery

    Once at the new domicile, our professional movers will unload your belongings, help unpack and assemble the furniture and, if you wish, will also be happy to connect electronic devices or carry out minor assembly work for you, such as adjusting kitchen furniture.

Your partner for a national move: Transport KRUMPF GmbH

Transport KRUMPF is your professional moving partner for a national move – no matter if in the Hamburg area or Germany-wide. We are also specialists in international removals, both within the EU and overseas. Our competent service staff will be happy to answer all your questions about a move nationally, in the Hamburg area or internationally.