An overseas move is much more than a simple relocation. Whether it’s for a job, to start a new life, or for love, emigrating to a faraway land is adventure enough. There at least the move should go as smoothly and easily as possible. Whether it’s to South Africa, the USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia or China, we are at your side as a professional moving company, allowing you to benefit from our years of experience in international overseas moves.

We will do as much of the work for you as you wish during your overseas move: With our “Door-to-Door” service we pack your removal goods professionally and safely and bring them to the destination country with the most suitable means of transport. Temporary storage at the port of departure or destination is also possible until you have found a suitable object. When carrying out an overseas move, in addition to the move itself, the most important thing is professional planning in advance. Here, the completion of all necessary administrative work, from import permits and customs matters to the preparation of detailed transport lists, must be guaranteed.

Our services for an overseas move

We are here to assist you with an overseas move from start to finish. This starts with a no-obligation inspection of your domicile and the removal goods in advance, in order to be able to make you an individual offer for your overseas move. Of course, we also address your individual wishes and needs in detail. In addition to personal consultation and planning, we offer the following services:

  • Personal visit and consultation at your site
  • Completion of all formalities relevant to the move
  • Professional packing and loading
  • Transport of goods by ship, plane, train or truck including the optimal combination of means of transport
  • Setting up the domicile at the destination

Additionally, you benefit from the fact that your belongings can be insured when using a professional moving company like KRUMPF.

From Germany to the whole world – how an overseas move works out

After determining the volume to be moved and taking care of administrative formalities in advance, the actual transportation begins for an overseas move. Your belongings will be professionally and safely packed with appropriate packing materials by our trained moving teams and then, depending on the volume, loaded onto a truck or into a dedicated container. The removal goods are transported by truck or train to the port or airport from where the transport to the destination country takes place. Then it’s onto the ship or a plane and the journey begins.

After arrival at the destination, the removal goods are taken over by a partner company on site and, after the import customs formalities have been completed, they are transported to the final destination either immediately or after a storage period (depending on whether a destination or a new domicile has already been determined). There, competent moving teams will help you assemble your furniture and set up your new domicile as quickly as possible – including simple assembly work and, if desired, the professional connection of electrical appliances such as washing machines, televisions, stereo systems and the like. Of course, there is also the possibility of sending part of the removal goods, especially things of daily use, such as clothes, documents and the like, in parallel as air freight. So these things are already available to you -on-site- while you are looking for a suitable location or job. In this case, the shipment as air freight with a freight forwarder is significantly cheaper than simply checking the items in as excess baggage with an airline.

How much does an overseas move cost?

Due to the many variables involved in an overseas move, a price can only be determined on an individual basis. Thereby, the use of a relocation service is the most expensive, but also the most convenient model. With this service, we or our partners take care of everything, from finding housing, to dealing with the authorities in the destination country, to finding a suitable school for your children. The “Door-to-Door” service, as we offer it to our customers, takes care of all relocation-related tasks for you, from planning and consulting to transportation with the appropriate means of transport. These can usually be a mix of truck, ship and plane for overseas moves.

The “Cost & Freight” model, in turn, handles an overseas move from the front door to the port of entry. From this point, you will have to take care of the onward transport to the destination yourself. As a rule, in this case, depending on the volume of the removal goods, the transport over the last distance is then managed on their own responsibility or a local freight forwarder is hired. Overall, however, an overseas move is always a costly affair no matter how you organize it or what service you choose to use.

Overview of containers for overseas removals

Container type Container volume (loading) Corresponds approximately to the space for
20 feet container 30 m³ (cubic meters) 3-room apartment
40 feet container 64 m³ 4- to 5-room apartment
40 Foot High Cube Container 72 m³ For a large 4 to 5 room apartment, high objects
45 Foot High Cube Container 82 m³ House up to about 200 sqm, high objects

The respective costs for the different types of containers depend not only on the transport distance but also on current freight rates and availability, so that it is difficult to give exact details here – we will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer.

How long does transportation take for an overseas move?

The duration of transportation for an overseas move depends largely on the means of transportation chosen. Small-volume moves that can or should be handled by air freight despite high costs take only a few days. When transporting by ship, on the other hand, depending on the destination, a transport time of 2 weeks to 8 weeks must be expected until the removal goods reach their destination port.