The right decision: external archiving

Around 80% of all company archives are located in premises that were rented out of necessity – due to the retention periods imposed by the legislator for business records.

Do you store your files in appropriate conditions?

Most of the files are stored in basement rooms. Employees lose valuable work time when they have to search for an archived process in the catacombs. As a decision-maker, you not only have to consider the monthly rental fee for the archive in your calculation, but also the working time your employees spend searching for files. Apart from that, the general conditions for storing archival materials in basement rooms are usually not optimal.
Or do you store your files in the office because you want to save yourself and your employees long trips to the archive? And because you don’t know of any other way to manage the files?

Use our service!

It can be much cheaper for you to outsource the management of your archive to an external service provider:

  • Your employees can concentrate on the really important activities of day-to-day business.
  • Employee motivation is not affected by unnecessary file searches.
  • You can use freed-up office space for additional workstations.
  • Usable space that is no longer needed offers you potential savings.

Have we aroused your interest? Call us and make an appointment with us! We inform you about interesting possibilities to make the archiving of your files more cost-effective.