KRUMPF is a forwarding company specialized in removals. Special attention is paid to company relocations and relocations of public institutions. As a moving company, we not only offer the execution of national moves throughout Germany, but we are also active as a forwarding company for international moves. In addition to removals within the EU, we also carry out overseas removals. Depending on the suitability and requirements, we use all the usual means of transport – truck, ship, rail and, as a freight forwarder familiar with air freight, also aircraft. Particularly when things have to move quickly, air freight is an interesting alternative for reaching even distant and remote destinations without any problems.

Our services for a company move

We offer our clients a door to door service for corporate relocation. Thus, we take care of our customers from packing at the starting point to assembly, including minor installation work at the destination. This applies to removals in Germany as well as to international removals, for which we cooperate with trustworthy partner companies in the destination country. Benefits include itemized:

  • Personal advice and support from start to finish
  • Preparation of a meaningful and detailed cost estimate
  • Assumption of administrative tasks such as import regulations or customs clearance
  • Packing and unpacking of the removal goods
  • insured transport of the removal goods from door to door
  • Storage or temporary storage of the removal goods

In addition, our moving teams are also qualified to perform minor assembly work and, upon request, will perform furniture assembly at the destination.

Germany-wide corporate relocation: Commercial & public institutions moving company

Whether from Hamburg to Berlin or from Hanover to Munich: as a moving company specializing in commercial moves and moves of public institutions, we carry out all types of corporate moves throughout Germany. Of course, this also applies to company relocations within a city or region. We place the highest value on the specific needs and wishes of our customers, because corporate relocations of any scope always have their very own logistical challenges and special features. In addition, we try to ensure the commercial move is completed as quickly as possible to minimize downtime for your business. Overall, commercial moves are often much more complex than private moves, which is why you should always rely on a specialist in this case.

International corporate relocations: Relocations for companies & authorities to other countries

International relocations of companies and public institutions such as government agencies, offer special challenges. In the case of a corporate relocation, the removal goods not only usually have to be transported over long distances, but sometimes also by ship or plane. In addition, there are many administrative hurdles such as import regulations, customs formalities, visa applications and much more. Depending on the destination country, a company move to another country should therefore be planned with even more lead time and care than a commercial move within Germany.

As a moving company with many years of experience in international moves for companies and public institutions, we can provide you with excellent advice and, if commissioned, we can also take over many of the necessary administrative tasks. In the case of international corporate relocations, it makes sense to distinguish once again between relocations within the EU, where there are significantly fewer administrative hurdles, and relocations outside the borders of the EU. The latter is often referred to as an overseas move, although the term is also commonly used for long-distance moves, usually using container ships as the means of transportation. A faster alternative for overseas moves is international relocation by air freight, but this is also much more costly. In addition, it is possible to combine the available means of transport – i.e. to send part by air freight and another part by truck, rail or ship, depending on the destination.

How much does a corporate relocation cost?

The cost of a corporate move can vary drastically from case to case. One of the main causes is the highly variable volume of moving goods in such a commercial move. Depending on whether a department is moving, a new office is being built, what kind of organization or company it is and how big it is – everything has an impact on the volume of goods to be moved. The second important cost factor is the transport distance. So a move within a city or region in Germany is of course cheaper than if the way leads through half the republic. The same is true for international moves. A move to France is always cheaper than a move to Canada, for example, for the same volume of goods. Lastly, the means of transportation used can also be a not insignificant factor in the overall cost calculation of a commercial move. This is especially true for an international move by air freight.

Since the cost of a corporate move or public institution move depends on too many variables, it makes little sense to list sample prices. If you are planning a corporate move, our consultants will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate after a personal meeting and site visit.

Why do you need a professional moving company for a corporate move?

The implementation of a corporate relocation is usually a highly complex undertaking in which a great many details must be taken into account. In addition, the planning and execution of such a move partly or entirely on your own takes an insignificant amount of time. This should be better used for to make your business successful. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company is the right choice in the vast majority of cases, makes life easier for you and your employees and saves a lot of stress and time. In addition, the cost of a corporate move with a professional moving company can be tax deductible. All of these points apply even more in the case of a commercial move internationally, as the necessary logistics in these cases are usually even more complex.

Procedure for a company move

For corporate relocations nationally and internationally, we have developed an established model with our structured six-step process from inspection to delivery:

  1. Visit: Your personal advisor will walk through your premises with you and take note of your wishes and answer your questions in a conversation.
  2. Offer: Based on the inspection and the wishes expressed in the personal conversation, we will prepare a meaningful offer tailored to your needs.
  3. Consultation: an assigned move coordinator will advise you in advance on all upcoming steps, assist you with planning, and make sure everything is thought of.
  4. Packing: An experienced and competent moving team will pack your belongings professionally with appropriate packing materials. Objects that are no longer needed can be disposed of professionally or stored safely for an unlimited period of time.
  5. Transport: We transport your removal goods with the optimal means of transport for your needs (truck, ship or plane) as environmentally friendly as possible to the destination.
  6. Delivery: At the destination, we don’t just leave it at unloading, but do everything we can to create an environment for our customers in which they can feel comfortable and work. This includes the assembly of furniture and the performance of small assembly work, as well as the connection and installation of electrical appliances upon request.

Checklist for corporate relocation

There are many things to consider when moving a business or public institution. Our checklist includes only the most important points.

Before the move

  • Inform employees about the planned move
  • Roughly determine removal goods
  • Get a quote from a professional moving company
  • Carry out administrative tasks (contracts, deregistration and reregistration, informing customers about the move, etc.)

During the move

  • organize own transport to the destination
  • Transport important documents and contracts personally
  • Save stress and time by letting the professional moving company take care of the main tasks
  • Create layout plan for furniture and furnishings in the place of destination

After the move

  • Check completeness of the removal goods
  • Check moving goods for transport damage and report this to the moving company if necessary
  • Final commissioning of the device