International removals are something of a royal league for a logistics company specializing in removals such as Transport KRUMPF. Whether it’s a private move or a commercial relocation, transport across national borders by truck, rail, ship or air requires a particularly high level of planning and administrative effort. With KRUMPF as your transport company, you can rely on our many years of experience in this field for an international move, which has been a focus of our work since the company was founded. Over the years, we have thus not only gained the necessary experience and knowledge, but also established good contacts with authorities and partner companies worldwide.

Procedure of an international move

In contrast to a conventional move, in many cases different transport options have to be weighed against each other and sometimes used in parallel for international moves. – If, in the context of a move in Europe, transport over part of the distance by ship in a container or as a partial load of a container might seem reasonable, the time estimate for such transport is considerably higher than transport by land. Over very long distances and with a small volume of removal goods, – the transport of the removal goods by air freight offers an alternative.

In any case, however, the removal goods must be picked up beforehand by a transport vehicle, possibly stored, reloaded and then reloaded onto a truck (usually of a local partner company) at the place of arrival and driven to the destination. In addition, customs guidelines, import permits and other administrative tasks must be completed in advance. Applying for a stopping zone for the truck is the least of the problems.

Your advantages with a professional partner for international moves

Theoretically, you can organize a move abroad yourself. However, the advantages of hiring a professional moving company like KRUMPF clearly outweigh the disadvantages. You save time, nerves and can rely on the expertise that freight forwarders have gained through years of experience in international moves. All too quickly, a forgotten document, an incorrect declaration or a small mistake in the preparations can have major and expensive consequences. We at KRUMPF offer you the following advantages for an international move:

  • Support from start to finish
  • Preparation of a meaningful cost estimate
  • Taking over the administrative tasks (import regulations, customs clearance , etc.)
  • Transport from door to door with different means of transport
  • Storage or temporary storage of the removal goods
  • Cover for removal goods transport insurance

International removal with KRUMPF forwarding agency – explained step by step

Every move has its own special and individual requirements. Our structured process for international moves guarantees that every detail is taken care of. Here are our six steps from inspection to delivery:

  1. Visit: Your personal consultant will visit your home or facility, take your wishes in a personal conversation and answer your questions.
  2. Offer: Based on the inspection and taking into account your wishes, we will prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs.
  3. Consultation: Once contracted, your relocation coordinator will advise you on all upcoming steps, assist you with planning, and make sure everything is thought of.
  4. Packing: A competent and experienced team will pack your removal goods professionally and with the appropriate packing material-. We can professionally dispose of objects that are not to be taken away or store them safely for an unlimited period of time.
  5. Transport: We transport your removal goods with the optimal means of transport for your needs (truck, ship, plane) as environmentally friendly as possible to the destination.
  6. Delivery: At the destination, we do everything we can to create an environment for our customers to feel comfortable in as quickly as possible. That’s why we don’t just unload the goods, we help you assemble the furniture. Upon request, we also connect electrical appliances such as televisions, stereos or washing machines and adapt your kitchen furniture to the new spatial requirements.

How much does an international move cost?

An international move – with a professional forwarder is -often already because of the usually much longer transport distances than with a national move correspondingly more expensive. Analogous to national removals, the costs are made up of the volume of the removal goods – often measured by the size of “room units” (RE) – and the transport distance. In addition, there are costs for the administrative processes, the preparation of detailed packing lists (especially for moves abroad for customs absolutely necessary), as well as individually used services (disassembly and assembly of furniture, packaging and packaging materials, etc.) together. Due to the many factors that influence the price of an international move, we at KRUMPF rely on the preparation of an individually developed offer. As a rule, sea freight is cheaper than air freight or long-distance transport by truck.

How long does it take to transport the goods for an international move?

Unlike a home country move or even a hometown move, an international move requires more time to complete. In the case of overseas moves, which usually involve transporting the removal goods by ship, for more common destinations (USA, Canada, China, Australia, etc.), it is common for ships to depart approximately once a week. The transport itself then takes about 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the destination. For moves within the EU, depending on the destination and the means of transport used, you should expect the transport to take from a few days to a week or more.

International removals with KRUMPF – Request your individual offer now

If you are looking for a freight forwarder for an international move, feel free to call us. Our personal consultants will take your request and visit your home or institution without any obligation in order to make you an offer tailored to your needs. We are happy to be at your side as your partner in your international moving adventure – whether it is a private or commercial move.