1. Commissioning of third parties

The mover may engage another carrier to perform the move.

  1. Additional services

The Furniture Removal Company shall perform its obligations with the due care and diligence of a prudent Furniture Removal Company against payment of the agreed remuneration, while safeguarding the interests of the Shipper. Additional remuneration shall be paid for special services and expenses not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded. The same applies if the scope of services is extended by the sender after conclusion of the contract.

  1. Additional load transport

The move may also be carried out as an additional load transport.

  1. Tips

Tips are not chargeable against the mover’s invoice.

  1. Reimbursement of moving expenses

Insofar as the sender has a claim against a third party for reimbursement of removal costs, the sender shall instruct the third party to pay the agreed and due reimbursement of removal costs, less any down payments or partial payments made, directly to the Furniture Removal Firm upon corresponding request.

  1. Transport locks

The sender is obliged to have movable or electronic parts, in particular on sensitive equipment, such as washing machines, record players, TV and radio sets, HIFI equipment, EDP systems, etc., properly secured for transport. The Furniture Removal Firm is not obligated to check that the goods have been properly secured for transport.

  1. Electrical and installation work

Unless otherwise agreed, the people of the Furniture Removal Company are not authorized to carry out electrical, gas and dowel work or other installations.

  1. Craftsman agency

In the case of services of additionally arranged craftsmen, the Furniture Removal Firm shall only be liable for careful selection.

  1. Offsetting

Offsetting against claims of the Furniture Removal Firm is only permissible with due counterclaims that have been legally established or are undisputed.

  1. Assignment

The Furniture Removal Company is obliged, at the request of the person entitled to compensation, to assign to the person entitled to compensation the rights to which he is entitled under the insurance contract to be concluded by him.

  1. Misunderstandings

The Furniture Removal Company shall not be responsible for the risk of misunderstanding other than written order confirmations, instructions and notices of the Shipper and such to other people of the Furniture Removal Company not authorized to accept them.

  1. Verification by the sender

When collecting the removal goods, the sender is obliged to check that no item or equipment is taken or left by mistake.

  1. Due date of the agreed remuneration

The invoice amount shall be due and payable in cash or equivalent means of payment before completion of unloading in case of domestic transports and before commencement of loading in case of international transports.

Cash expenses in foreign currency shall be paid according to the settled exchange rate.

If the sender does not fulfill his obligation to pay, the Furniture Removal Firm is entitled to stop the removal goods or to store them at the sender’s expense after the transport has started. § Section 419 HGB shall apply mutatis mutandis.

  1. Storage contract

In case of storage, the General Conditions KRUMPF Bearings (ABKL) shall apply. These will be made available at the request of the sender.

  1. Withdrawal and termination

Relocation is a service within the meaning of Section 312 g (2) sentence 1 number 9 of the German Civil Code (BGB). There is no legal right of withdrawal according to § 355 BGB. The sender may terminate the removal contract at any time. In the event of such termination, the Furniture Removal Company may, if the termination is based on reasons that are not attributable to its sphere of risk, either

    • demand the agreed freight, any demurrage and expenses to be reimbursed. Any expenses saved as a result of the cancellation of the contract or otherwise acquired or maliciously refrained from acquiring shall be offset against this amount;
    • or demand a flat rate of one third of the agreed freight.
  1. Jurisdiction

The court in whose district the Furniture Removal Company’s branch office commissioned by the Shipper is located shall have exclusive jurisdiction over legal disputes with registered traders based on this Agreement and over claims based on other legal grounds related to the transport order. For legal disputes with parties other than fully qualified merchants, exclusive jurisdiction shall only apply in the event that the sender relocates his domicile or habitual residence abroad after conclusion of the contract or his domicile or personal residence is unknown at the time the action is filed.

  1. Choice of law

German law applies.

  1. Privacy

The Furniture Removal Company uses the data provided by the Customer for the purpose of fulfilling and processing the order. Data will be passed on to vicarious agents insofar as they are used to fulfill the order. The data will not be passed on to other third parties. With full completion of the order and full payment, the data will be blocked for further use and deleted after the expiry of the tax and commercial regulations.

Please also note further data protection information .

  1. AMÖ Settlement Body

19.1. In the event of disagreements with consumers arising from or in connection with this contract, which cannot be settled in the relationship between the contracting parties, the consumer has the right of recourse to the AMÖ conciliation body in the event of a complaint. This is set up at the

Federal Association of Furniture Forwarding and Logistics (AMÖ) e.V.

Schulstraße 53, 65795 Hattersheim

Tel.: 06190 989813 | Fax: 06190 989820

E-mail: info@amoe.de


The AMÖ conciliation body may be called upon by consumers to settle the dispute in whole or in part, provisionally or finally, in accordance with the procedural rules of the AMÖ conciliation body in the version valid at the time of the initiation of the conciliation proceedings. The conciliation award shall be binding on the AMÖ forwarder, provided that the subject matter of the complaint is assigned to the jurisdiction of the district courts in accordance with the Judicature Act.

19.2. The request to open the settlement procedure shall be made in text form.

19.3. The procedure is free of charge for consumers.