Your files and data quickly at hand

Through our electronic archiving system, the management of your files always remains transparent for you. Each archive box, each file is recorded, stored and managed with our barcode procedure – until destruction after expiry of the legal retention period.

Of course, your backup magnetic tapes (DLTs, etc.) and other data carriers will also be electronically recorded according to your specifications and securely stored in our fire-resistant vaults.

The archiving system of Krumpf guarantees that our employees can locate your files and data carriers in our archive in the shortest possible time and prepare them for delivery to you. Therefore, we are able to guarantee resubmission of your requested documents and files within two hours in the greater Hamburg area. Almost as if your files never left your office.

If required, we will bring your documents to your desk. We are happy to offer this service around the clock on request, every day of the year. One call is all it takes!

All incoming and outgoing documents are electronically recorded and controlled by us. In this way, we offer you maximum transparency for the files and documents you entrust to us.