Sometimes things have to move fast, even when moving internationally. This is exactly when moving by air freight becomes interesting as an alternative to other forms of transport. Due to the fact that the goods are shipped by air, international moving by air freight is currently the fastest form of moving over long distances.

The execution of an international move by air freight by the forwarding agency KRUMPF, in addition to the transport by air freight, naturally also includes the pick-up, the delivery at the airport of departure and the pick-up at the airport of destination, as well as the delivery of the removal goods to the final destination. The logistics required for this are coordinated and carried out by KRUMPF as the contracted air freight forwarder. For pickup and delivery after transportation, we cooperate with trusted local partners in the country of destination, if necessary. However, due to the extensive logistics required and the transport by air, a move carried out in this way is also more expensive than transporting the goods by truck or by ship. Nevertheless, we offer our customers the best possible conditions in order to make the move by air freight as cost-effective as possible.

An international move by air freight with a professional freight forwarder like KRUMPF makes sense especially when a tight schedule has to be kept and the goods to be moved are rather manageable overall. Especially for commercial moves overseas or within Europe, where not the entire office equipment, but mainly light work equipment, documents and the like are to be shipped, a move by air freight is therefore often a target-oriented solution.

Our services for a commercial move by air freight

Whether to Europe or overseas – KRUMPF is at your side for a commercial move by air freight with many years of experience and expertise in carrying out even logistically demanding shipments. In addition to comprehensive consultation and planning in advance, we offer additional services that take the pressure off you during your move by air freight:

  • Personal visit and consultation at your site
  • Completion of all formalities relevant to the move, including customs formalities
  • Professional packing and loading
  • Transportation of the goods by plane, as well as travel and pick-up of the removal goods
  • Setting up the premises at the destination

In addition, we offer you numerous extra services, tailored to your personal requirements. We meet the high quality demands of our customers with our high-performance, worldwide network of partners.

How the international move with an air freight forwarder proceeds

Even if the implementation of the international move by air freight is the fastest of all modes of transport, it must be prepared and planned with sufficient advance. This applies even more to international moves overseas or to non-EU countries. Here, significantly more complex formalities are required with regard to export licenses, customs formalities and, if necessary, the application for visas. Optimally, you start planning an international move with an air freight forwarder at least 3 months in advance.

The first step is to advise on the advantages and disadvantages of moving by air freight, and to point out possible alternatives. In a second step, the removal goods are inspected on site and the scope is estimated. With enough time before the actual transport, the removal goods are then professionally and safely packed by our expertly trained removal teams and then loaded onto a truck that will take them to the departure airport. There, the removal goods are either temporarily stored or immediately loaded safely into the transporting aircraft as air freight.

After arrival at the destination airport, the removal goods are unloaded and, after the import customs formalities have been completed, they are loaded into a suitable means of transport by a local partner company and transported on to the final destination. There, the on-site moving team sets up the belongings and, if requested or needed, helps with unpacking and usually performs minor assembly work as well. Of course, you decide which services you want to use.

How much does an air freight move cost?

The cost of a move by air freight is calculated mainly from the volume of the goods to be transported, as well as from the transport distance. The latter consists of: Transportation to the departure airport, flight route and transportation from the arrival airport to the destination. In addition, depending on the logistical process, short-term interim storage at the airports may become necessary, as well as the costs for dismantling, packing and assembly at the destination by the removal teams. In addition to this door to door service, a cost & freight service is also possible in many cases. This includes the handling of the move from the front door to the port of entry (in the case of air freight, the destination airport). However, especially for commercial moves by air, the door to door service is recommended and usually accounts for only a smaller portion of the cost.

The transportation of moving goods by air freight costs approximately between 1,200 and 3,000 euros per 2 cubic meters of freight (30 cubic meters of freight is roughly equivalent to furnishing a 3-room apartment) depending on freight rates, destination and availability. Due to the relatively high transport costs involved in a move by air freight, careful consideration should be given in advance to what absolutely must be transported and which objects can also be purchased locally in the country of destination. In many cases, this can be more cost-effective than transporting a corresponding piece of furniture or object.

How long does the transport take for an air freight move?

Typically, an international move by air freight can be completed from pickup at the front door to arrival at the destination airport in approximately 14 days. However, if conditions are good and transport capacity is available, this time can be shortened. It is helpful to plan as early as possible, including the date of the move, to ensure that the goods are moved as quickly as possible.

What are the advantages of transportation via air freight?

The advantages of transportation via air freight are:

  • short transportation times even over long distances (on average 2 weeks door to door instead of 15 days at sea with containers to the USA alone)
  • high safety standards during transportation by airplane
  • Even remote destinations can be reached in a short time
  • exact scheduling of the freight

Air freight forwarding: International removals by air with KRUMPF

If you are considering a move by air freight as an alternative to other forms of transport, we at KRUMPF, with our expertise as an air freight forwarder, are your trusted partner for all aspects of international moves by air. We will be happy to advise you and show you the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives, as well as the possibilities of relocation when using multiple means of transport (e.g. combination of air freight and sea freight). Our personal consultants visit your premises without any obligation and prepare an offer tailored to your needs and concerns. We are happy to be your reliable partner for your international airfreight move.