Relocations in Europe are on the agenda more than ever. This applies both to job-related moves, as international companies in particular like to send their young executives abroad for a while, and to moves for private reasons. It may be because of love or it may be the move to the south in retirement. The EU-wide rules of free movement and the possibility to take a job in another EU member state without any hurdles, as well as other regulations, make it easier for EU citizens to move and live in all EU member states.

A move – within Europe is associated with less administrative work and usually also significantly lower costs than an international move outside the EU or an
move overseas
. Nevertheless, a move across national borders – and thus usually over a long distance – remains a challenge that can be met better, faster and easier with a professional moving company.




Special features of a move in Europe compared to international moves

The regulation of free movement for all EU citizens in all states that are members of the EU brings with it some special features. Thus, customs and import regulations are completely eliminated when moving within the EU. Other formalities, such as obtaining a work permit, do not have to be completed either. In the end, you can pack your bags and just look for a new apartment and a new job in another EU country. In addition, as an EU citizen, one gains direct access to the existing social security systems, is entitled to payment of the pension and can easily join the health insurance in the new place.

Also, in many cases, depending on the volume, the transport of the removal goods can be easily done by truck or a van. Of course, a professional moving company will also check the different means of transportation for moves in Europe and which one is the cheapest or best option for your specific needs.

Our services for a move in Europe

As a professional moving company with a focus on international moves, we at KRUMPF place the highest value on providing our customers with the most comprehensive advice and support possible. Therefore, we always have an open ear for their special wishes and needs. For moves in Europe, we offer our customers – a “door-to-door” service – which includes all the steps from packing furniture and household goods to transport and reassembly at the new place of residence. In doing so, we rely on a -transparent process and personal contact. Our services for you include, for example:

  • Personal visit and consultation at your site
  • Completion of all formalities relevant to the move
  • Professional packing and loading of the removal goods
  • Transport of goods by ship, plane, train or truck including the optimal combination of means of transport
  • Unloading and unpacking of transported goods at the destination.

How much does it cost to move in Europe?

Of course, the cost of moving is always a big issue, even when moving in Europe. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. The cost depends to a large extent on the distance between the point of departure and destination, as well as on the _volume of the goods to be moved. Transporting a small household is always cheaper than – several trucks have to transport your furniture and household goods to another European country. In addition, special extra services – contribute to the final price. Overall, however, moves in Europe are generally less expensive than moves to other EU countries due to the elimination of many administrative hurdles. For our customers we prepare individual offers that clearly address their individual wishes and needs – because every move is unique.