In order to keep an eye on every detail in the complexity of a move, we have developed a structured process. In six well thought-out steps, we guide your belongings safely to their destination:

  • Step 1: Inspection and calculation
    Your personal consultant will visit your facility, record your wishes and answer your questions during a personal meeting.
  • Step 2: Offer
    We will provide you with an individual offer exactly adapted to your needs.
  • Step 3: Consultation
    Your move coordinator will help you plan, inform you of the tasks ahead, and make sure everything is thought of.
  • Step 4: Packing
    A well-rehearsed team packs all items with the right technique and the most suitable packaging material. What you do not want to take with you, we can dispose of properly or store safely and indefinitely.
  • Step 5: Transport
    We transport the removal goods to your new domicile in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Whichever means of transport is chosen – your professionally packed removal goods are optimally protected.
  • Step 6: Delivery
    At the destination, our attention is focused on the premise of restoring you as quickly as possible to a familiar environment or an environment in which you quickly feel comfortable, a familiar arrangement of your household. On request, we reconnect, for example, electrical appliances, stereo, TV and washing machine, and even adapt your kitchen furniture to the new premises.

Our structured approach and comprehensive services make it possible for you to quickly find everything in your new home.