Our sustainability goals are focused on three pillars in alignment with the FAIM 2022 standard:


How do we reach our operational goals causing the lowest impact to the environment?


What can we do to promote health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and our community?


How can we operate and grow at the same time creating a long-term positive impact and making sustain-ability changes at a gradual and financially stable rate?

In determining the objectives, strategies and measure we follow below process:

Transport Krumpf is dedicated to reduce our impact on the environment. To achieve this we have already taken several measurements:

  • Surveys mostly take place virtually in order to reduce fuel consumption.
  • 5 out of 6 trucks of our fleet meet the EURO 6 standard helping lowering our emissions.
  • Reduction of travel activities – switch to virtual meetings with corporate clients.
  • All used packing materials (paper, plastic, wood) are separated after return to the warehouse and re-used where applicable or disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.
  • Green roof stores humidity and absorbs emissions (owned building by mother company).
  • Solar panels provide electricity for wall boxes for charging electric cars (owned building by mother company).
  • Switching to LED lights in our office and warehouse.
  • Provide “eco-driving training” to our truck drivers to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Tree planting sponsoring to improve air quality.
  • Use of eco-friendly packaging materials where possible.
  • Transformation to digital readiness.

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% per year over the next 5 years. The above mentioned energy-efficient measures will help to achieve this goal. Progress is monitored closely in context of our environmental and quality management system.

Key Performance Indicators for the following measures were set and are evaluated quarterly:

  • Energy consumption
  • Fuel consumption
  • Paper consumption

As a socially responsible employer Transport Krumpf is dedicated to supporting the well-being of our employees. We have already taken several measurements to achieve this:

  • Our employees are encouraged to use sustainable transportation options such as cycling or public transport.
  • We have implemented a job bike program to encourage employees to cycle to work (“Job Bike”, similar to leasing a car).
  • We sponsor public transportation tickets. Starting May 2023 our employees may purchase a monthly public commuter ticket for only 29,00 EUR. The ticket can be used throughout Germany on nearly all means of public transportation and may also be used for private trips.
  • We offer in-house and external training programs to our employees.
  • We actively provide job training (approved training company of IHK Hamburg).
  • We pay above minimum wage and salaries.
  • We offer flexible hours and home office options.
  • We have implemented a health program from which our employees can benefit in various ways. To name a few we offer regular check-ups, glasses for workspace, sponsor classes for relaxation, anti-stress seminars and workouts.
  • We support healthy nutrition. Each week we provide organic fruit and vegetable from local suppliers to our employees at no charge.
  • Regular checks on workspace safety.

Sustainability is incorporated throughout Transport Krumpf’s operations and forms an integrated part of our overall corporate governance. The purpose of our sustainability governance is to ensure the company’s commitments to its stakeholders, including customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, decision makers and representatives from society.

The company’s commitments are expressed in targets, strategy and priorities. Transport Krumpf has established sustainability targets that are regularly monitored and reported annually.

Transport Krumpf maintains an active and continuous dialogue with internal and external stakeholders to ensure priorities and methods over time. Based on well-defined areas of responsibility and follow-up, we ensure that we deliver on established sustainability targets. To tackle increasing sustainability challenges we continuously develop our ambitions in dialogue with stakeholders and external experts.

As an ISO-certified company we are bound to regular internal audits and reporting cycles. All our measures are published in our intranet to our employees and communicated though various channels.

We live an open door policy which is characterized by flat hierarchies and an open style of communication.

Our implemented employee suggestion system guides us to evolve as a company for the better. Regular training deepens the awareness for sustainability. Annual performance reviews with every employee provide opportunities to address ideas for improvement on both sides in all areas.

All our efforts are not only communicated internally but also externally through our homepage to our external partners and clients.

This helps to build support for our sustainability initiatives and demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility.